Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday Randomness

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 {1} Spring Break
I was able to do some traveling during our spring break and did a whole lot of this...
 ...and saw a few of these :)

{2} African Lions
It's the time of year when we bring a little bit of Africa into room 10, starting with the King.
These were created using fine point markers and the Crayola multicultural washable paint in the color bronze.  To get the texture, we sponge painted the jowls and used a 2" flat brush for the mane.  The face was painted with a regular watercolor brush.  My kinders were so proud of their work! 

{3} Elephants
Using permanent markers, crayons and watercolor paint, we made these fun elephants.

{4} Savannah Sunset 
With watercolor paint, my kinders first created the sunset, then we let it dry.  The next day they used black construction paper and animal tracers to make the savannah and the animals. 

{5} Proud Teacher
 All of my students are doing fabulous with their CVC word building.  All have successfully moved onto level 2, 3 or 4 in my Kooky Cookies activities.  This is level 2 and it uses just 2 vowel choices. 
You can find out more about these activities by clicking  HERE for the freebie.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your weekend:)