Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Day, California Style

 Thanks again for the linky party Casey!
                            {1} Snow Day!!!
Being a Beantown native, I've been thinking about all of you northeastern teachers back there that got a snow day or two this week. Even if it was cold enough here, we've received a grand total of 0" of precipitation for the entire month of January. But that doesn't stop us from having our version of a "snow day". A few generous daddy volunteers jumped in their pickups at the crack of dawn, shoveled up some shaved ice from the local ice rink and got our party started!

Okay, don't judge...we do our best:)

The party continued indoors with some festive stations.

{2} Fun With Olaf
I have the most wonderful parent volunteer who made this precious Olaf for us.
 We played "Pin the Nose on Olaf".
{3} Making Words from "Hot Chocolate"
We did Kathleen Pedersen's FREEBIE.
You can find it HERE.

{4} Decomposing with "Snowballs in the Igloo"

You can find this product HERE for just $2.

{5} Sparkly Playdough
 You can find the recipe HERE.
We actually did not cook it, as the recipes calls for. We used hot water though and it still came out perfect. My kinders love it! 

Our snow day ended with hot chocolate, cookies and the charming video "The Snowman".

Time to think about February. We'll start decorating today with this.
You can read more about this HERE.
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Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snowballs in the Igloo {Five for Friday}

Thanks for the link up Casey!

{1} Snowballs in the Igloo
We've been working on decomposing 5 through 9, and my kinders just love playing a game that I call "Snowballs in the Igloo". This is a super fun way to practice decomposing during these long winter months!
Using the cheapest math manipulatives in the world:) (cotton balls and a cup), we explore all the variations of making 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and record our results on these printables. You can purchase them HERE, now for just $2.

{2} More Math
Math Start books are the bomb! Here is one that teaches the concept of odd and even.

  My book came with a bag of these adorable mittens, which I was unable to locate anymore:(. It would also be fun to have students use their real mittens as you read the book, or just cut paper ones if you're a California or Florida teacher!

{3} Something From Home
In the process of redoing my guest bedroom, I'm exploring a rustic, neutral theme. So, I thought, why not paint my address numbers on a burlap pillow? 
 After I found the font I liked on line, it was so quick and easy.

{4}Long Day
These lovely clouds were a appreciated welcome in the parking lot after a long day.

{5} T-Shirt of the Week
 Have a sparkly, shiny weekend!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas in Leavenworth

Happy New Year with Five for Friday!
It was Christmas in Leavenworth this year!  No, not the federal prison, but this delightful, quaint town in Washington state, where I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with my family.

Leavenworth was crowned the"Ultimate Holiday Town USA" by the Arts & Entertainment Network and this year
was on Impulcity’s list of The 19 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America. The Bavarian architecture, complete with frosty Cascade peaks in the backdrop, transport your soul across the pond and then some.

{1} Polar Express
I recommend taking the Amtrak in from Seattle and you will end up at this adorable, tiny train station.
You can dream that you are on the Polar Express if you go in the winter.

{2} Shopping 
If you love fabulous little boutiques and artsy shops full of local flare, then this place is for you. Twisted Couture and  Simply Found A Boutique were a couple of my favorites. We shopped till we dropped.

{3} Refueling

You can eat and drink your way through town. This is the very popular, Icycle Brewing Company.

{4} Lights

The lights were over the top.
My daughter (and my heater!)

{5} Hospitality in Abundance

Our hotel room came complete with a little Christmas tree and a tiny bag of decorations…so thoughtful of them. I put my nephew on decorating assignment!

Nephew #2's pet hedgehog, Teddy, greeted us for our family Christmas festivities.