Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday and an Update

This Throwback Thursday post is from October.  I'm thrilled to update and say that all of the treatments that Delaney had to endure for many months were successful and that she is now CANCER FREE!  She was able to walk in the victory lap at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life last weekend and there were countless tears of joy.  Little Delaney still has many challenges  ahead of her, 
but . . .

though she be but little, she be fierce

                                            TEAM DELANEY
A little story to share about a precious little girl...
Many years ago I had a wonderful room mother named Diane.  I became friends with Diane and her family outside of school.  Diane was special not only because she was my room mother and friend, but she had eight sweet, smart, beautiful children, who teachers would fight over to have in their classroom.  One hot summer night, Diane passed away in her sleep of heart failure, at just 43 years of age. Just two weeks later, her husband passed away, of a broken heart they say.   Her eight children were mostly teenagers at that time.  They all wanted to stay together, so they did.  The two oldest children were in their early twenties and were given guardianship.  Janice was one of the two sisters who dedicated her twenties to going to parent-teacher conferences, handling finances, chauffeuring her siblings to sporting events and sleepovers and all of the other obligations involved in being a parent, including ultimately celebrating graduations.  After all of the children became adults, Janice married a local firefighter and they now have three small children of their own.  Delaney, the fierce one they call her, is fighting the battle of her life.  She's fighting brain cancer and thus, Team Delaney has been formed by her dedicated uncle and the community.   Janice and her older sister, Jennifer, helped me make this scarecrow for me about 26 years ago when they were very little.  I thought it would be fitting for him to wear the t-shirt this month.   You can find out more about Delaney and her fight here and here. 

 Victory lap last Saturday!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

CVC Word Building

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This fun product contains no text (all pictures) for young students learning how to build CVC words
Whether you teaching summer school or you're preparing for the fall, here's a freebie to try and the complete set for sale
Kooky Cookies 
Do you want to keep track of what your students are doing with word work while you are doing the oodles of other things that we all do like working with small groups, one-on-one assessments, student conferencing,  putting out fires, saving the world etc?  Do you want to avoid giving your students massive paperwork and most definitely want to avoid going through it all?  Then let's get this party started!  Here's a freebie for use with magnetic letters and cookie sheets...
...and here's how I use it...

As students make their words, they are rewarded with a stamp on their record sheet. They work independently, then simply carry their cookie sheet, with the word and record sheet on top, to the person with the stamp. The person might be me, a classroom volunteer, or sometimes even a responsible peer. The student quickly reads the word, points to the picture and receives a stamp.  My average students earn between 3 and 6 stamps in a 15 minute center.  Then the record sheet is saved for the next time that we do the activity.

I purchased my magnetic letter set at Lakeshore (currently on sale) and the cookie sheets on the Dollar Tree website.

  TPT product for sale! 

CVC Record Sheets for Building Words on Cookie Sheets and Other Fun Ways.  I have used this in my classroom and my kinders and I absolutely love it.  If you like the freebie that I posted about above, then you will love the complete set.  The activity is the same, but there are three more levels in this product.   I also included record sheets for letter beads and letter tiles and a generic set for making CVC words using whatever other materials you like to use or that can dream up.  I use these throughout the second half of the kindergarten year.  Some students even ask to do them during their free choice time!  It's available for $5 now, right HERE!

This is the letter bead version included in my product for sale.
I found my lower case beads at Lakeshore.

Tile Style
This is the letter tile version included in my product for sale.
I found my letter tiles and the handy case at Really Good Stuff.  Baby food containers are the perfect size for CVC tile words. Who knew?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Five for Friday/Open House

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My love for all things African carries over into Open House with student reports on an African animal of their choice and loads of art work depicting the theme.

{1}  First up, the Wall of Lions

{2} Paper Towel Quilt
For a tutorial go HERE.

{3} Hippos in the Water 
Done in water color paint, fine point felt marker and tissue paper

{4} Cheetah in the House
When one of my sweet kinders was supposed to be doing this... 
...he decided that it would be much more fun to quietly turn himself into a cheetah via Expo marker.
  How can I not laugh?

 {5} Painted Ladies
 We released our Painted Lady butterflies at the end of Open House...

...but not until they spent some time with the butterfly whisperers.
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