Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five for Friday {Venn Diagrams}

 {1}  Introducing Venn Diagrams
I love teaching Venn diagrams.  Perhaps it's my previous math background.  Ultimately, I use them to compare and contrast literature, but the first step starts with this hands on activity using attribute blocks.  We sit in a big circle around two hula hoops that are separated first, and do simple color or shape sorting (which they have had lots of practice with).  Then, I propose two categories that have an overlap, such as red in one hoop and triangle in another hoop. I have them brainstorm how they could solve the problem of what to do with the red triangles.  They come up with all kinds of answers including "Don't use them!" Then, we all agree that overlapping the hoops is the best, because the blocks will be in both hoops at the same time...hooray!

  We do this activity in reverse (I sort, they categorize), as you can see in this picture with the question marks, using three different sized bears.
If you guessed, green bears and big bears, you have mastered Venn diagrams:)
{2} Comparing Letters in Names  
Next, we did this activity from Read With Me ABC, comparing the letters in our names with our partner's.
You can find it free, by clicking on the image below:

{3} A Super Fun Video!

{4} Comparing and Contrasting Characters in Two Books
We read two versions of The Gingerbread Man and talked about which characters were different and which were the same.
I moved everything into the pocket chart to aid my kinders in viewing things for their response sheet.
Now, I know the McCracken version is so old and hard to find, but my kinders just love the surprise ending with a tortoise!  There are many, many other versions that you could compare and contrast, such as the ever-popular version by Galdone.  After we made the chart, we recorded our responses on a Venn diagram response page.  I gave them the choice of writing the words or drawing the pictures and this sweetie did some of each because she didn't think she could draw a frog.  Of course, they all didn't come out this gorgeous.  She puts my art to shame.  Check out her fox!  
{5} A Little Something to Make You Smile

source unkown
Have a happy weekend:)