Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter/Spring Ideas with Chicks, Eggs and Peeps

Link up time!
{1} First up, the FREEBIE!
My kinders love to play this sight word game. You can find more information on this product with EDITABLE words HERE.

{2} Come on baby...let's do the twist!!!
With a few addend combinations on the left side of a plastic egg and one sum on the right side, students twist the eggs until they find the correct equation. They then record their results on paper.

{3} Scrambled Eggs
Another way we like to practice sight words is with sight word letters inside of eggs. Don't have time to prep it? I have students who finish their work early do the prep. They get the benefit of extra practice with sight word spelling. Everybody gets time to crack open an eggs, "unscramble" them, and write words. They refer to our word wall as needed.

{4} Hatching Chick Art
I found this adorbs chick art over at Crayons & Cuties Kindergarten's Facebook Page.
We did them
on 12" X 18" white paper. With black crayon and a little yellow and orange paint, we created cuteness galore!
I couldn't decide if we should mount them or not, so I let my kinders decide. Just 2 girls chose to mount. One chose purple and one chose pink!

{5} Cruis'n Peeps
How cute are these pink Peeps in their roadsters???
HERE is the recipe.

Party time:)

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend (and spring break for some of us:))!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FREEBIE ~ Editable Chicks for Sight Word Game

Sight Word Shell Game
Here's our sight word shell game for this month.
My students LOVE this game. Unlike the traditional shell game I don't shuffle the boxes. Instead we work on reading and memory. I (or one of my parent volunteers) hide the chick and they must read the word before I lift the box. This is very motivating for students who need more practice on sight words! If you would like to play this game, you can pick up these adorable EDITABLE chicks HERE. Thank you to Cutesy Clickables for their talent and oh-so-cute clip art!
I scored the wind up chick from the Dollar Tree store, but any toy or colorful egg will work. Use what you have!

I found the ice cream cups in the party section at the Dollar Tree at just 8 for $1. You can also do the same game with colorful take out boxes found in packages at the Dollar Tree or large styrofoam or paper cups. 

This product can be used for oodles of other games as well. Make two sets of sight words chicks and you have a matching (memory) game. Sorting, ABC order, number sequencing would all work. Type in CVC or CVCE words or numbers and let your imagination run wild! 

Enjoy and Happy Spring!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Hoppin' Along {{{Ideas for Easter and Spring}}}

Link up time!
{1}Eggs in the Basket 
This is a super engaging activity that combines math with fine motor concentration. There is something about moving jelly beans around in a plastic bag, that has a calming effect. We could all use a little of that effect in our classrooms! I'm so proud of my students. Every one of them was able to decompose 10 this year using this manipulative bag.
The printables for decomposing 5-20 are available HERE.
You can read about other fun ways to use the printables HERE.

{2} Free Easter and Spring Fonts
Hop over HERE to Lil' Luna pick these up.

{3} Sculpture for Kindergarten
I have to try this cool art. Hop over HERE to Art Actually to find out more. 

{4} Easter Recipes
Hop over to The Frugal to find some treats for the classroom or home.

{5} T-Shirts of the Week
St. Patrick's Day seems like eons ago, but my kinders came sporting such adorbs Irish spirit, I had to share a wee bit.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Eggs in the Basket/Five for Friday

        Thanks for the linky Casey!

Today I would like to share ways to work on discovering combinations that make 5 through 20, aka decomposing 5-20. This works for K-2 common core standards K.OA.A.3, 1.OA.A.1, 2.OA.B.2 and uses some inexpensive, fun manipulatives for spring!

{1} Jelly beans and portion cups, styrofoam cups, sample cups, or whatever you have handy
Count out a set number of jelly beans (10 in this case), separate them in and out of the cup, then record findings. You can find the printables HERE.

{2} Dollar Tree
These were Dollar Tree finds. The blue and pink cups are ice cream cups from the party section. They are 8 for $1. I love the little green one because it has a handle and resembles a basket! It's from the baby shower section and is also 8 for $1. Here it is with the jelly beans.

OR... {3} Make a basket with a pipe cleaner

{4} My Favorite
No more lost eggs (if the bag stays zipped:))! This is a cool method because students get some extra practice with fine motor skills. They push the "eggs" around in the sealed bag, putting some in the basket and pushing some out. 
I drew the baskets on ahead of time. Older students could do this part if you trust them with permanent markers:)

{5} Eggs in the Basket Printables
If you would like all of the printables for all combinations of 5-20, hop on over to pick up this product HERE for just $3.