Thursday, January 28, 2016

Five for Friday, Winter Fun, A Cell Phone, Super Genius, and a Little Love

{1} Winter Art
We're wrapping up our snow theme this week, but still enjoying our classroom art.
16 students?...said no public school teacher ever:(  The rest of these cuties are on another wall!

{2} Snow Day
We had our annual "snow day" (a.k.a. scraped ice from the local rink), California style. Yep, these three pathetic hills of snow were more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
Our friend "Snowy". Don't judge.

{3} Cell Phone
Wow, it happened! I thought I might make it to retirement before a cell phone popped up in my kindergarten classroom and became a distraction. It somehow kept finding its way out of the owner's backpack!
I'd been told this day was coming. Forth and fifth grade teachers at my school deal with it quite frequently.
But even I couldn't resist capturing this special moment in history:)

{4} Super Genius/First Words
I discovered a new game over the holidays and it is truly my favorite way to practice CVC words now. The engagement rating is OFF THE CHARTS! My students LOOOVVVVE to play Super Genius/First Words.
There are actually several versions of this game, but we play "Face Off", which is just like the game Spot It. There is always one match between any two cards. We play as partners, or in small groups. Simultaneously, two cards are turned over. The first player to find the match calls it out and points it out. We all win, because we all work so hard on decoding! You can find it at Amazon, HERE.

{5} Love is in the Air
My vintage chalkboard is taking on a simple message this month. 
Less is more (or lazy?)

We will soon be getting ready with some "hearty" decorating. For more info on these photos, hop on over to HERE.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reflections of 2015/Five for Friday

Yowza...2015 was a jam-packed year.
Now, let's get the linky parties started!

{1} Daughter Time
Much of 2015 was spent with this sweet baby-face, partaking in travels, dinners, movies, comedy shows and, of course, her selfie practice :)
{2} Student Time
Good-bye to an insanely awesome class in June!

{3} Teacher Time
Rockin' our Hawaiian threads for the teacher skit at our annual fundraiser
Cups of legal stimulant and a barista for Halloween
That will be a half decaf, four shot, coconut milk, one pump chocolate, extra foam, no whip, pumpkin spice latte... and spell my name right please.
A shower for our barista and her wee one

{4} Family Time  
Hotel Kaiser
My dad unfortunately had to spend some time in the hospital this year, where I joined him for a few nights. He had a difficult to diagnose infection. It was his first hospitalization ever! Not bad for 89 years. When the nurse asked him what he wanted to be called, S.O.B. was his reply! 
S.O.B. is back to playing golf and practicing yoga, good as new!

Hawaii is horrible...SAID NO TEACHER EVER!
My first experience with Airbnb was our family Christmas in Molokai where we rented a house for the holiday. 
The house and our hosts were awesome, all for a bargain price!
This was the daytime view from our large deck...
  ...and the nighttime view.
It was a speedy bike ride down the hill to Papuhaku Beach, with three miles of nearly deserted sand and surf.
Hitting some early morning yoga (my drug of choice) at ruins in Halawa Valley. Our guide had a different drug of choice (rhymes with iguana) when he led us on a hike through the rain forest of the valley to Mo'oula Falls, where we swam in the cool, fresh pond.
It was my first hike through a rain forest. Nobody told me not to wear white:/

{5} Friend Time
My favorite photo of New Year's Eve was of my childhood friend and her hubby wearing their smokin' hot outfits for a bubble wrap party!

Wishing you an abundance of awesomeness in 2016!