Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hand Hewn Love {aka: Teachers with Power Tools}

What did you do this summer?  
{1} I did escape for a week to my favorite beach, but my summer wasn't all sand and surf. It started with a big crack in my kitchen ceiling, which was failing sheetrock holding up crumbling lathe and plaster and ancient insulation, not to mention more than a century of attic dirt. fix or demo?  Demo it was!
{2} Although I loved the look of the original rough sawn timbers, they all had to be covered with insulation. So, I saw this photo of these exposed collar ties ... ooooooo!
I already had school house lamps (don't all teachers?) in the dining area, and my contractor, Juan Franco Construction, was game, so off I went to a fabulous reclaimed lumber retailer...
{3} ...and found these 2 bad boys.
{4} Here are the results of my talented contractor's magic.
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