Friday, July 11, 2014

Vegas Baby!

Linking up in Vegas with Doodle Bugs Teaching
#1 Beyond excited to meet the man himself, Paul Edleman, today at the awesome and inspiring TpT Seller's Conference...
#2  ...and there's my lime, woo-hoo!...
#3 lunchtime view...

#4 post happy hour view :)
It was so nice to meet many teachers from around the world at the first ever TpT conference.  The workshops were informative and inspiring!

#5  In Vegas style, now it's on to the next party,  
linky party that is.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday/***4th of July***

*****!!!Happy Fourth of July!!!*****

Link up time with Doodle Bugs Teaching

{1}  Easy Independence Day Refreshments
I'm dreaming of making something fresh and light today.  These are some ideas I found on Pinterest:

{2}  Summer Chalkboard Art
I've had this vintage chalkboard since I was a child...a very, very long time ago.  Who would have known that I would enjoy playing with it decades later!

{...and bare feet too!}

{3}   Paddle Boarding
A colleague and I went out for a little paddle boarding early yesterday morning.  I cherished the time and it was beautiful out.

{4}   Thrift Store Crafting
Summer gives me more time to hunt the thrift stores for vintage plates and candle holders. With a little E6000 glue, and a few minutes, I have a special plate for someone special.  At Christmas time I load these with chocolate truffles from Whole Foods, add a few festive touches and wa-lah, I have a pretty gift for my parent volunteers. Here is a tutorial. 

{5}   School Pride
So proud of my school...We are healthy Stingrays!  Click here to find out why.
*******Have a sparkling 4th!*******