Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five Steps to a Card with Flower Power!

Link up time! 
Thanks for this awesome linky party Kacey!
Today I am sharing a fun photo card idea. I love the illusion that these sweet cards create. When you think the arm and fist have jumped right out of the photo, you'll be doing a double take!
Step 1/Pose
Have your subject stand with an outstretched arm and tight fist. Their arm should angle upward, with your camera being higher than their head. 
Step 2/Shoot
To enhance the illusion, take your shot with your camera close to their fist, so that it looks out of proportion to the size of their head.
Step 3/Cut
After printing your 4X6 photo, using a utility knife, cut small slots, slightly inside the top and bottom of the fist.
Step 4/Insert
 Weave a flower, handmade or real, through the two openings. 

Step 5
Mount the photo on cardstock or construction paper for a finished touch.
My students made these cards for Mother's Day. They would also make great birthday cards, get well cards, thank you cards etc.  I have seen them with lollipops for Valentines' Day as well. What other ideas do you have? How about a candy cane at Christmas time?

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Mother's Day!