Friday, September 26, 2014

Room 10 September Recap

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{1} David Goes to School
After reading a few stories from the David series by David Shannon, we made this cute craftivity from Angie Neal of Falling Into First. It's a freebie! Find it HERE.
It was super fun for my kinders and turned out so cute!
{2}  Apples A "Peel" To Us
We used Cara Carroll's recipe to make some delicious applesauce from apples that the students brought in.
mmmmm...thanks Cara!
{3} Rhyme Time
Hickety, pickety my black hen...
I love the skills that my students get from the TLC program. All of the shapes are cut freehand from circles and rectangles. So great for fine motor practice!  No pattern tracing, no photocopying...we all win!!!!prettyPhoto/0/

{4} Ice Cream Social
Our generous PTO put on our annual school ice cream social. It was a warm evening...perfect for cool, sweet treats.
 {5} T-Shirt of the Month:)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Five for Friday/Classroom Reveal
Link up time! Apparently the term is "Fraturday". But that's okay, I'm tardy on the subject matter too. This is a peek at room 10 with a few additions this year.
{1} Overview

{2}  Classroom Library "READ" Letters
I picked up these paper mache letters from JoAnn Fabrics and used some spray paint that I had on hand to create this fun addition to our library this year.  
It was super quick and easy!

{3} Cubbies
So, when did everyone start naming their child starting with "A"?  Way back when it was "J"!
All of the names are on and notes are in!

{4} Vintage Shelf Unit Make-Over
This old treasure is part of the original school furniture. That would make it 50+ years old! I just love the size, narrow depth and we all know that they don't make them like they used to. But, with some stains and chips on the Formica on the top, it needed a little make-over.  Gotta love chevron contact paper!  The unit now holds writing center supplies for the students.

{5} Fill'n our Buckets!
If you aren't familiar with this story, you need to be!  It has been a pleasure using this in my classroom!
In addition to all of our individual, invisible buckets, we have a visible classroom bucket which we all contribute to with visible drops.  Did you notice the drops hanging from the ceiling? 
 I cut the drops from foam that would fit the bottom of this bucket. I got both from JoAnn Fabrics.  When I notice something special going on in the classroom (individual or class) we add a drop to our bucket. When we fill the bucket, we will celebrate with a party!

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Monday, September 1, 2014


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My guilty pleasure and last chance for a while...Live with Kelly and Michael on a lazy weekday morning. 

I live in wine country and my super sweet and fun neighbors bottled their very first batch of wine this weekend. They invited me to watch the process in their cellar.
Here's the very first bottle being poured.
Getting ready for 3 at a time!

. . . about the perfect weather, friends and downtown that I enjoyed this weekend! It was warm and beautiful as my former student and my goddaughter spent a great time together in the fountain. 
'nuff said

More time to fit it all in. . . again 'nuff said!

3 Trips That I Want to Go On
Yep, I want to go back 3 more times (at least). People ask me why I always go to the same place. The only way that I can explain it is, that at this point in my life, this place provides me with the perfect balance of tranquility and activities to send all of my stresses away. Call me boring.
Turks and Caicos (aka Heaven)

Happy Labor Day!!!