Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday - The Letter People

Mr. N and his Noisy Nose
Anyone out there still doing the Letter People?  We are!!!  The Letter People was a literacy program and PBS television series started in the 1970s.  I bet some of you bloggers are young enough to have met these "Huggables" when you were in kindergarten.  Well, last night, at a Team Delaney Fundraiser, I ran into this cutie, Daniel...

... who I had 26 years ago in my kindergarten class.  I asked him what he remembered about kindergarten and without hesitation he said, "The Letter People"!!! 

My current kinders look forward to Monday morning when they meet a new Letter Boy or Girl and listen to the Letter Person sing.  In these days of assessments, data and iPads, it's refreshing to do something that is proven effective for sound recognition and really hits the affective domain.  My students sing the songs with L-O-V-E and as a bonus, the variety of tempos, rhythms and genres provide music enrichment! 

Sadly, the materials are now only available for a premium on eBay or some really grainy YouTube videos :(

Live on Letter People!  

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  1. A E I O U always Y!!!! Drop the AE and I will O U. Hum