Friday, June 6, 2014

Five for Friday/Open House

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My love for all things African carries over into Open House with student reports on an African animal of their choice and loads of art work depicting the theme.

{1}  First up, the Wall of Lions

{2} Paper Towel Quilt
For a tutorial go HERE.

{3} Hippos in the Water 
Done in water color paint, fine point felt marker and tissue paper

{4} Cheetah in the House
When one of my sweet kinders was supposed to be doing this... 
...he decided that it would be much more fun to quietly turn himself into a cheetah via Expo marker.
  How can I not laugh?

 {5} Painted Ladies
 We released our Painted Lady butterflies at the end of Open House...

...but not until they spent some time with the butterfly whisperers.
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  1. Your art projects are amazing! I may be using them as inspiration for my class. And how excited do you kids look as they release the butterflies!!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  2. Your art projects are gorgeous, and I love your little cheetah! I'm trying to spread the word that I'm trying to start a new weekly linkup called Sell It Saturday. I thought you may be interested in joining. I just did the first post today! I'd love for you to join in!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

    1. Thanks Kristin. I'm definitely going to check out you linkup!