Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer, Summer, Summer {It's Not Over Yet!}
{1} Watermelon Watercolor
(A summer or back to school art activity for ages 5 and up)
I found this awesome idea HERE, on the art blog Splish Splash Splatter.  Rebecca did it with second graders, so I needed to modify it for kindergarten.  I still wanted to incorporate the idea of overlapping, but using just four watermelon slices simplified things a lot for my kinders. 
We did the pencil drawing as a whole class, then in small groups we identified which lines to erase. 
I let them choose their background color and after the paintings dried, we went over the pencil markings with black felt tip markers.

{2} My Summer Project
Sidewalk Salvage - Popsicle Chairs

Before (sort of)    
So...I actually forgot to take the before pictures, so this is my closest approximation of the gray paint that was on all 4 chairs.  It was not a nice galvanizing or pretty color.  Think file cabinet greenish gray:)  But the chairs were not only in great shape, but free!

Gotta love sand paper and spray paint!

{3} Summer Travels
 While visiting family in Reno, I discovered this super fun shop.

{4} Summer Teacher Leadership Training 
The Marshmallow Challenge
(an activity for all ages)
As a member of my school leadership team, I attended a two day conference focusing on Common Core and 21st Century Learning.  My favorite part was the Marshmallow Challenge. It's something that can be used across all grade levels to emphasize the 4 Cs, especially collaboration. Watch the video and you will be so surprised at what age group rules this competition!  This is our winning structure:) 

{5} 10 Favorite Teacher Discounts
Do you love getting teacher discounts as much as I do?  I've created a list of my favorites. 


  1. Those watermelon pictures look great! I might need to try it myself!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. Thanks Pixie Anne, for your comment and for stopping by all the way from the U.K!

  3. Your marshmallow structure is a sight to behold! Nicely done. I'm completely impressed by your chairs. I have never spray painted a thing in my life.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jan. Spray painting is so quick and easy. I do it often for classroom items as well, like book shelves and our gold nugget that the leprechaun brought (gold spray paint on a rock).

  4. The watermelon pictures are adorable and look like so much fun. Now that I'm a stay at home momma for 2 years I can actually do that kind of stuff with my kids. My kids love to eat watermelon. I'll have to see if they like drawing and painting watermelon. :)

  5. The watermelon paintings are priceless. I would totally frame that and hang it in my house. I use the marshmallow task in my STEM Lab, but I call it the Spaghetti Challenge. I had a group of third graders last year that made a tower 57 cm tall. They did it by telescoping the bundle of spaghetti. Amazing!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. We think alike. I had my goddaughter do the watermelons and I have it framed in my house! 57 cm. is awesome. I love their innovative thinking!
      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments Carol!