Friday, September 26, 2014

Room 10 September Recap

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{1} David Goes to School
After reading a few stories from the David series by David Shannon, we made this cute craftivity from Angie Neal of Falling Into First. It's a freebie! Find it HERE.
It was super fun for my kinders and turned out so cute!
{2}  Apples A "Peel" To Us
We used Cara Carroll's recipe to make some delicious applesauce from apples that the students brought in.
mmmmm...thanks Cara!
{3} Rhyme Time
Hickety, pickety my black hen...
I love the skills that my students get from the TLC program. All of the shapes are cut freehand from circles and rectangles. So great for fine motor practice!  No pattern tracing, no photocopying...we all win!!!!prettyPhoto/0/

{4} Ice Cream Social
Our generous PTO put on our annual school ice cream social. It was a warm evening...perfect for cool, sweet treats.
 {5} T-Shirt of the Month:)


  1. The tshirt is hilarious! LOVE it! As a first and second grade teacher for 15 years I've seen some good ones, but this is my new favorite. :) I used to make applesauce with my firsties every fall. I was never brave enough to let them peel the apples though. You are brave. The kids always loved how it made our classroom smell. Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks Joya! It's so fun to watch kinders peel apples. Some are experts already, others have never tried. They rarely give up though and I have yet to have an injury! Ditto on the classroom smell.

  2. Lovely to meet you through the linky :-) I was so pleased to see your little ones peeling their own apples and using knives to cut them up - these are vital life skills and in all my time as a teacher I have never had a child misbehave when using utensils - they love being able to do things themselves and it teaches responsibility - sounds like you all had a great weekend so hope you have a great weekend too :-)
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. Thanks! Nice to meet you too! I agree with you. They really respect having that responsibility. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

  3. I love LOVE seeing the kiddos cutting and peeling apples! So great to have them doing it and being involved. I have not done much with apples - I am not feeling very seasonal this year I better get on that so my kinders don't miss out, and here we are in October nearly!
    I really want to try TLC art - my old school used to do that and they loved it!

    1. Hi Alex! There is always too much to do, isn't there? October will be jam packed with themes to choose from...impossible to do it all:( Just enjoy doing what you can! Thanks for the visit.

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  5. I know Ellie!!!!! :) That's my best friend Bryn's daughter! :) I have a blog too. We also have a NorCal Teachers Facebook page. Come join! :)

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching