Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{{ I Am Thankful For Holiday Ideas }}

Another fun day to link up with Blog Hoppin as we spell 
T-H-A-N-K-S !
 I'm working on some of my holiday projects this week and I just {heart} this idea for wrapping paper. I use it for my students gifts, which are books...the free or $1 deals you get from Scholastic.
My kinders love searching for all of their friends names in the class, so I know they are working their brains over winter break too:)
For a tutorial on how to make this wrapping paper, hop on over HERE.


  1. Brilliant I tell ya . . . absolutely brilliant. And, It's so cute too! Thanks for taking the time to link up and share with us today. Merry Turkey to you :)

  2. Thank you Kelley! Your blog is actually my all time favorite to read! So nice to hear from a gifted writer who tells it like it is:)

  3. Brilliant idea! Love it. Thanks for sharing!
    joya :)