Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Day, California Style

 Thanks again for the linky party Casey!
                            {1} Snow Day!!!
Being a Beantown native, I've been thinking about all of you northeastern teachers back there that got a snow day or two this week. Even if it was cold enough here, we've received a grand total of 0" of precipitation for the entire month of January. But that doesn't stop us from having our version of a "snow day". A few generous daddy volunteers jumped in their pickups at the crack of dawn, shoveled up some shaved ice from the local ice rink and got our party started!

Okay, don't judge...we do our best:)

The party continued indoors with some festive stations.

{2} Fun With Olaf
I have the most wonderful parent volunteer who made this precious Olaf for us.
 We played "Pin the Nose on Olaf".
{3} Making Words from "Hot Chocolate"
We did Kathleen Pedersen's FREEBIE.
You can find it HERE.

{4} Decomposing with "Snowballs in the Igloo"

You can find this product HERE for just $2.

{5} Sparkly Playdough
 You can find the recipe HERE.
We actually did not cook it, as the recipes calls for. We used hot water though and it still came out perfect. My kinders love it! 

Our snow day ended with hot chocolate, cookies and the charming video "The Snowman".

Time to think about February. We'll start decorating today with this.
You can read more about this HERE.
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Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!


  1. Those hearts are too cute! I'm over in CA too and it is so sad that we don't have any exciting weather! Although this week I did get to change my weather sign from sunny to cloudy so that was exciting!


  2. Hi Bren,
    What an adorable snow day! I love it! We had some cooler days and blustery winds here in the Bahamas this week. Apparently the cold front that helped form that Nor'easter started down here. It was nice to wear jeans and long sleeves for a couple days. Looks like your kinders had a great snow day! I'm also moving on to Valentine's crafts and projects... enough of this Winter stuff. :)
    Joya :)

  3. Your snow day is too cute. I love all of the activities you came up with for your students. Lucky kids!

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven