Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five Steps to a Card with Flower Power!

Link up time! 
Thanks for this awesome linky party Kacey!
Today I am sharing a fun photo card idea. I love the illusion that these sweet cards create. When you think the arm and fist have jumped right out of the photo, you'll be doing a double take!
Step 1/Pose
Have your subject stand with an outstretched arm and tight fist. Their arm should angle upward, with your camera being higher than their head. 
Step 2/Shoot
To enhance the illusion, take your shot with your camera close to their fist, so that it looks out of proportion to the size of their head.
Step 3/Cut
After printing your 4X6 photo, using a utility knife, cut small slots, slightly inside the top and bottom of the fist.
Step 4/Insert
 Weave a flower, handmade or real, through the two openings. 

Step 5
Mount the photo on cardstock or construction paper for a finished touch.
My students made these cards for Mother's Day. They would also make great birthday cards, get well cards, thank you cards etc.  I have seen them with lollipops for Valentines' Day as well. What other ideas do you have? How about a candy cane at Christmas time?

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Mother's Day! 


  1. A truly wonderful idea, Bren - they are truly eye-popping :) I think I might be "stealing" this for future cards - thanks so much for sharing - I guess that's what this Friday linky is all about :) I'm sharing too if you want to pop over

  2. These are precious! I'm pinning these for next year. I love the quilt in the background. Is that hanging in your room?

    1. Thanks Jenny. Yes, it's an old crib quilt hanging in my room. Not sure that I would use it again with the yellow and purple, but it does add a little "love".

  3. Those cards are AMAZING! I'll be taking my children to visit my stepmother next weekend, and I'm going to have them make those cards for her. Thanks for the tutorial!
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