Thursday, December 10, 2015

Five for Friday with FREEBIES and a CHEAPIE!

Oh my!!! I have missed you my blog. I'm so sorry for neglecting you for so long. Please don't hate me. The truth is I have so many ideas to share that sometimes I get writers block not knowing what to share. Especially at this time of the year. Anyway, here we go...

{1} Gifts for Students
If any of you still need an idea or two for teacher to student gifts, here's what I do. 
First I make this cool word search wrapping paper with all of their names on it. 
Did I hear you say, you want to know how to do that??? Then just go HERE and you too can have personalized word search wrapping paper or whatever for your kiddos.

Next, I get a fabulous book from Scholastic Reading Clubs for each of my kinders. Did you know that you can just type in $1 in the Scholastic search box and up pops the choices? I didn't either, until this year when I just tried it! These are regular size books so fun! This year I chose this adorbable story.
 Last, I make my little ones a fun reindeer candy cane as a gift topper.

{2} All Aboard! 

 We are planning for our last day before the break. We'll be taking a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express. 

{3} Regular Ole School Stuff
We've been working on ways to make "6"...
...and practicing... we could write reindeer reports using Little Minds at Work's ideas and free printables
Thanks Tara!

{4} Editable Stocking Freebie

You can use these stockings for whatever. We practice our sight words with a shell game. Pick up the freebie HERE.

{5} The Cheapie
No, I'm not referring to my ex-boyfriend. This would be a product to bring joy into your classroom while practicing decomposing. Hands on fun for all with Snowballs in the Igloo!
Click below and grab it now for just $2.

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  1. "No, I'm not talking about my ex-boyfriend" made me LOL. Love the wrapping paper!

    1. I always enjoy making that wrapping paper every year. Couldn't resist the X comment.Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a great post! Those Christmas gifts are absolutely precious! I got my kiddos a book from Scholastic, too--Gingerbread pirates. I absolutely love how you wrapped them!!

    1. Thank you Ashley! I hope you had a fabulous break and best wishes for a rockin' 2016!