Friday, September 6, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday and Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Hoots N' Hollers and Doodle Bugs Teaching to share today. 

{1} Color Words
I found these creative, cute and classy color word activities at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
{2} Wikki Stix
My kinders tried these out this week. Check out the creativity, including the  ... wait for it... DNA on the right!  After this explore time we will move onto using them to form CVC  and sight words.  Wikki Stix can be found at or educational websites.

{3} Living Letters 
I find this to be a great tool for teaching handwriting. Story summary: Some letters live in the dirt (g,j,p,q and y), some like the sky (all capitals and h,f,b etc.) and all letters like to live in the grass. EduCLIME is the source for this.  I also use the poster, and whiteboards (which are really not white, but look just like the paper).

{4} A Matching Game
This is the matching game that we start the year with.  After we learn the game we play a variety of memory games with words, numbers, math skills etc. Find this cute multicultural game here at eeBoo.
{5} Domestic Engineering
This furniture set is from Pottery Barn Kids, but I found it for a bargain on Craigslist. It's so much sturdier than other playhouse furniture.  At this time of the year my kinders love to exercise their domestic engineering and role play skills.  Last year at the end of the year they turned the area into a restaurant and named it "Love Cafe".  They could not get enough of making Men Yous (menus), writing long lists of food names.  Can you guess what the most popular item was??  If you guessed "friz", you got it!

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  1. What great finds! I love the kitchen and hearing about your kids' creativity! Also, the multicultural matching game is beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up with us for Fabulous Finds Friday...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers