Friday, September 27, 2013



{1} School Spirit!
Each Friday we're all encouraged to wear our school colors.  I bet you can guess what my school colors are by looking at these cuties!

{2}  1,2, Buckle My Shoe

We finished up nursery rhymes this week.  Gotta love YouTube for bringing some of our favorite rhymes to life.

{3}  Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen
We did this adorable project to go with this classic rhyme.  You can find it here at TLC Lessons.  What I love about TLC is they emphasize really important skills such as following oral and visual directions
and awareness of spatial relationships.  As a bonus the projects do not involve any photocopying or pattern making.  Everything is cut freehand from shapes that have been cut to size beforehand.

{4}  Glitter Fun!!!
Fun for The Itsy Bitsy Spider or your fall spider theme days!  First, I directed my kinders in drawing a web. Then the fun with glue and glitter began.  Last, we made an eight-legged spider from a folded piece of black paper by tracing our hand with our thumb tucked under.  The eyes are just self-adhesive reinforcements.

{5}  Stamp a Letter
Love this, and my kinders did too!  It's from Kristen's Kindergarten.  You can get it here.


  1. is it possible to get the word/picture cards for 1 2 buckle my shoe? Love the cards

  2. Sorry, they are no longer in print :(