Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bat Directed Drawing Tutorial

Tips:  I usually start with the eyes when drawing animals. Kinders have difficulty estimating the starting point in relationship to the rest of the paper, so I usually mark it with a dot.  In this case, I marked a small dot in the center. 

Materials:  Paper, fine-tip black felt markers, crayons, overhead projector or document camera for you to demonstrate on

1.  Model the dots and circle strokes for the eyes
2.  Model head and ears
3.  Model mouth, fangs and body
4.  Model top of wings
5.  Model bottom of wings and legs (the feet are "off the page" but you could draw a branch and feet here as well)
6.  Turn the paper upside-down for a hanging bat

You can extend this art lesson into a reading lesson by adding labels.  Last, have the students color their bats.

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