Saturday, December 21, 2013

Five for Friday {'Tis the Season}

 {1} 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 
All of our kindergarten classes performed and sang. The stage was decorated, the house was full, the clock struck seven...SHOWTIME!
 The stars were dressed in their finest for their 15 minutes of fame.
So many kinders, having so much fun singing carols!

{2} Gifts from my students to their families
 My kinders worked so hard on these calendars, wrapping paper and Rudolph cards as gifts to their families.
All of my kinders did their own wrapping.  I helped with the bows. Some showed lots of experience with wrapping, others not so much, but all were cute! 

{3} Gifts from me to my students
 Candy cane Rudolphs were attached to the word search wrapped books.

{4} Class Party
My room moms worked so hard on our Polar Express theme party.
I would love to give credit for the designer of these tickets, but sadly I don't know the source.  The rest of the ticket "booth" was designed with some stationary that I had on hand.

{5} Staff Holiday PAR-TAY!!!
This Amaretto cheesecake was a hit. You can find the recipe HERE.

Oh my...someone brought this White Elephant gift.
 Should what happens at teacher parties stay at teacher parties? 


  1. The calendars are adorable! The families will love them. Time well spent.
    Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  2. Fun post! Thank you for sharing the cute parent gift!