Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday/Snow & Penguins

{1} Drought here in sunny CA, and I just had to capture this sunrise reflection this week.

{2}  So...we just pretended it was a winter wonderland here in room 10, starting with sponge painted snowmen and a few descriptive sentences.

{3} We especially love decorating the room with oodles of handmade snowflakes.
I like to emphasize one of the science facts by making the snowflakes six segmented.  They are pre-folded by parent volunteers, but my kinders did all of the cutting on their own and they truly are all one of a kind!

{4} We used these winter word cards from Miss Kindergarten to help brainstorm things we see in January.  You can find them HERE.
 Then we made these little flip books.

{5} We read about penguins, then brainstormed this chart and used it in our writing.
 After using Miss Kindergarten's simple and adorable penguin craft, we completed three frame sentences.
You can find the craft HERE.

Have a fabulous MLK weekend!

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