Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hooray for the 100th Day!

{1} Have Fun Teaching
Have you discovered these YouTube videos yet? My kinders can't get enough of them.  This week we did the counting videos to help us celebrate our 100th day.

{2} 100th Day Snack
Each student counted out 10 sets of 10 goodies, then poured each cup into a large bowl as they counted by tens.

{3} A Tally Rally
After oodles of practice with making tally marks on whiteboards to the sounds of musical instruments, we were ready to make 100 tally marks on adding machine tape independently.
 Then the tally tape became a sash for some...
...and a festive headband for others.  Love how this sweetie color coordinated everything!

{4}100 Chart
I found this freebie from Teaching First here.  Following a model, my kinders filled it in, then highlighted the tens with black markers and colors of their choice.

{5} What would you do with $100?
I found this freebie here.  I added space for an illustration.  This kind kinder said, I would give homeless people money!
 Thanks for stopping by. 
Enjoy your weekend and the Olympics.


  1. Love all of your cute activities! We did a lot of those too for our 100th day celebration, but ours seems like it was forever ago (Jan. 9). And YES, I've found Have Fun Teaching and we do those songs ALL THE TIME!!!! I think that the Alphabet song is Phenomenal!!!
    Monahan Monkey Madness

  2. Thanks Angie!!! Wow, you must start school very early in August to have reached 100 days that early. Thanks for stopping by.