Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day! {not the kind most schools are having}

Last weekend, it rained for the first time this year here in California.  This is not directly related to this post, but I had to capture this image on my bike ride to work Monday morning.  The dampness  created this beautiful bit of tule fog in the park next to my school.
I know that a large percentage of the rest of the country has had it really rough.  With the polar vortex followed by other winter wallops that some of you have you've endured, many of you probably aren't riding your bikes to work.  Blankets of downy snow and it's quiet beauty may not be welcome anymore. Icicles hanging from silver trees probably aren't so pretty anymore.  So, don't laugh when you see what we do to have a snow day at our school.
Yep...ambitious, generous daddy volunteers truck in some shaved ice from the the local ice rink and get our party started!
 The temperature was 67F that day, so we had to play fast before our 3 pathetic hills of "snow" became a tiny creek dribbling out to the gutter.
This cutie says it all with her pearls and daddy love shirt!
Last, but not least, our fabulous snowman.  
Don't judge!

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