Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter/Spring Ideas with Chicks, Eggs and Peeps

Link up time!
{1} First up, the FREEBIE!
My kinders love to play this sight word game. You can find more information on this product with EDITABLE words HERE.

{2} Come on baby...let's do the twist!!!
With a few addend combinations on the left side of a plastic egg and one sum on the right side, students twist the eggs until they find the correct equation. They then record their results on paper.

{3} Scrambled Eggs
Another way we like to practice sight words is with sight word letters inside of eggs. Don't have time to prep it? I have students who finish their work early do the prep. They get the benefit of extra practice with sight word spelling. Everybody gets time to crack open an eggs, "unscramble" them, and write words. They refer to our word wall as needed.

{4} Hatching Chick Art
I found this adorbs chick art over at Crayons & Cuties Kindergarten's Facebook Page.
We did them
on 12" X 18" white paper. With black crayon and a little yellow and orange paint, we created cuteness galore!
I couldn't decide if we should mount them or not, so I let my kinders decide. Just 2 girls chose to mount. One chose purple and one chose pink!

{5} Cruis'n Peeps
How cute are these pink Peeps in their roadsters???
HERE is the recipe.

Party time:)

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend (and spring break for some of us:))!


  1. Such adorable activities! You make me miss teaching Kindergarten!

    Primary on the Prowl

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping by Crystal!


  3. I love the Find the Chick Sight Word Game! Time to go to the Dollar Store!

  4. OH. MY. WORD!!! Those cruising peeps are TOO stinkin' cute! Did you let the kids make them or did you make them as gifts or something? So fun.

    Thomas' Teachable Moments

  5. I am impressed that your K's are working on addition. When I taught K at this time of year we were still working on number concept, but I worked in a disadvantaged, inner-city neighbourhood.
    thanks for sharing
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

    1. I don't know when you taught K, but things have definitely changed over the years. I too remember different standards, even out in the suburbs where I am. I try my best to make it fun because I think that's how they learn best at this age.