Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five for Friday/Fall Fun/Fundraiser

 {1} Fun Fall Dot Trees
I love how these turned out!
We made this a two day project in order to make the trees really full.  It took a bit of diligence, but I am so proud of my kinders for sticking with it. They were so excited with the results!
These three steps are what we did the first day. We started out by tracing a paper plate on 12"X18" paper.  Next, we painted the "Y" shape. Then, a "v" on each branch. We used different brush sizes, only because we had them, but it is not necessary. Using a Q-tip, we simply dipped into some brown tempera paint, made random dots within the circle and a few under the tree. On the second day, we added the red, orange and yellow dots.

{2} Gracias!
We read this charming story by Joy Cowley...

{3} ..then we just had to make our own               
                            3D versions of Gracias
Gobble on over for the tutorial and template freebie link here.

{4} Journal Writing/Star of the Week
Each week we write sentences about our Star of the Week, using the simple frame ______ likes ______.  We start with two sentences but will soon be making it three.

{5} Team Delaney Fundraiser

For my local friends, Sauced will be having a fundraiser on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 4pm-10pm.  You can find out more here.
                         Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting


  1. I love all the art projects your kinders get to make! That's awesome!
    Kim from Elementary Antics

  2. I love all the art projects that you guys have been making! Super cute!


  3. Cute, cute, cute turkeys. Yours is a happy classroom!