Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey 3D Craftivity {{FREEBIE}} !!!


                                Free templates found HERE 
                                Construction paper
                                Hole punchers

1)  Make a cylinder with the 6" X 18" brown construction paper.  Hold glue for a slow count of 20 or more.

2)  The seam becomes the back.  Glue five feathers along the seam, overlapping each.  Hold each feather for a slow count of 20 or more.

3)  Lay the body with the seam down to help further hold the feathers.  Optional: put an object inside the cylinder, like scissors or a glue bottle, to weight it even more.

 4)  "Fan fold" both legs and glue them to the bottom of the body.

5)   Hole punch the white circles to give your turkey "personality".  I used our dye cut machine for the white circles, but if you don't have one, eye templates are included with the others.

6)  Continue gluing on all of the other pieces as shown

One of my kinders decided that she wanted to turn her cylinder the other way to make a hat!  It's a tad small for that, but this just might be an inspiration for next year!
                          Gobble, Gobble!


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